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Sister Cattleprod of Patience

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March 24th, 2012

09:01 pm - Good-bye LJ.
In the past month two people have commented on any of my posts. So I feel like I'm just writing to myself. Looking at my stats page, it appears that I really am just writing to myself.

So I won't be posting anything more to livejournal.

Still on facebook. Call or write if you need an update.

EDIT: I did not mean to accuse people or put anyone on the defensive. My observation is that fewer and fewer people are acknowledging anything said here. I am also guilty of not commenting on the posts of others. But we all seem to be connected on facebook, where I often post updates. If we are not connected on facebook, let me know and I will send out friend requests. If this is not an option but you wish to know what's going on, email still works. My phone still works.

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03:57 pm - that didn't take long
Day Two of No Doctor Appointments for an ENTIRE Month, and I am bored out of my skull.

Gas prices have gotten high enough to make driving cost-prohibitive. (So no drive-in, no trips north, no trips east, no trips anywhere really. Food and other essentials and that's it. I'm going to also try to limit doctor appointments during the summer since gas prices are only going to get higher.)
And even if cost wasn't an issue, there's nowhere to go anyway.

I've watched everything there is to watch on Netflix and Hulu. Mister doesn't really let me have anything in my lap other than him. Knitting is well nigh impossible. Hell, I have to give him distractor treats just to be able to use my laptop.


Bored now.

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March 19th, 2012

01:44 pm - state of the bamm
Mister has been as much of a blessing to me as I have to him. I rarely think about my pain. I don't get bogged down in inappropriate coping mechanisms. I take fewer pain killers. I have goals, I wake up and am happy, his waggly tail and puppy kisses and snoring in my lap and waking me up in the middle of the night to go out make me feel like my work with him is successful. We've gone a week now with no waste to clean up in his crate. I wish I had a cot or twin bed, I'd set it up in the bathroom and see if he can continue his success without being trapped in a crate. Still, nothing in the crate is a FANTASTIC accomplishment.


I am still looking for a permanent home for this guy. He's well on his way to completely housebroken, I'd say he has fully accomplished crate training. He is a little wary of strangers but yesterday a small child came up and put his hand right in Mister's face and pet him. It wasn't until the kid walked away that Mister started growling. (My heart was in my throat the whole time. I *do not* recommend Mister for a home with small children.) He gets along fine with cats (he completely ignored a rather annoyed persistent hissing cat yesterday, when neighbor cat suddenly appeared in the yard he gave chase to the end of his leash but he was doing play-stance and wagging his tail, so if your cat/s are good with dogs this will be a fine fit).

I am also looking for someone to watch him while I'm at Chicon 30-Aug to 3-Sep.

A couple weeks ago I realized I had no doctor appointments scheduled in April so I deliberately kept it clear thinking I would go visit some folks that I haven't seen in too long and it turns out they don't allow dogs in their house. :( Still, a whole month with no doctors at all is an exciting prospect. May has five doctor appointments scheduled already and will almost assuredly get another one when I see my psychiatrist this week.

Today I am picking up an infant carseat (THANK YOU, FREECYLE!!) with the intention of rigging it for Mister. Right now my best effort is putting the seat belt through his harness. He did end up sleeping the vast majority of that drive but he also got himself twisted up in belt-harness-leash-towel knots every time I got out of the car.

And in grand tradition, March continues to be the most expensive month of the year for me. Car registration, re-up the ipass ($50 tolls in Feb alone), and I splurged and got the double-minutes upgrade from tracphone. Plus gas prices shot up twice last week. I stopped for gas on Thursday and the station employees were running out to fuel their cars because they were about to go up.

Annnnnnnd....that's all I know. Still chugging along.

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March 1st, 2012

07:59 am - Freecycle rant
The Bolingbrook Freecycle group sends out, every month, a safety guide email to all participants. For the most part it's just "don't be stupid" but they always include this language:

"If you, for example, are a single woman living alone, you may want to meet downtown during the day to exchange the item, or have somebody with you at home, so it doesn't appear that you live alone."

Which pisses me off. So today I wrote a sternly-worded letter asking them to take that language out.

I ask you to please consider writing your own letter to the Bolingbrook mods. Just because we are women does not mean that we are more vulnerable to attack and it ABSOLUTELY doesn't mean we can be singled out as a group for fear-mongering. They may as well say that all the gays are vulnerable to lynchings. Or the Jewish population should be careful not to draw the attention of sociopaths. We all take the same risk by giving our addresses to strangers. When women are naturally assumed to be weak, society will continue treating us as inferior.

The Bolingbrook mods email is: bolingbrookfreecycle@yahoogroups.com

Thanks for reading my rant!!
Current Mood: pissed offpissed off

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07:35 am - Beat
Yesterday was a thoroughly exhausting day. It was super super windy, and since it was trash day yesterday everyone's recycle bins were blown all over the place. And there were several bags of trash that also got blown all over the place. (The village of Bolingbrook does not use trash bins, we put our bags of trash at the curb and critters mystically never disturb them. It's weird.) So Mister's street dog instincts were in full overdrive. He was always at the maximum leash length every time we went outside. And he was pulling as hard as his little body could pull to get to those sweet delicious trash bags. Plus, he kept begging to be let outside every half hour. I think he was intentionally guzzling down water so he'd have to go outside more often. Most of the walks were super long because I didn't want to keep going out so frequently.

Anyway, fifty bajillion walks outside, walking against the wind no matter which way we tried to walk, being drug down the sidewalk by a surprisingly strong dog... I hit the pillow and was asleep instantly last night. This morning my shoulder is still quite cross at me. Ugh. Don't get me wrong, I love Mister more than anything and would do anything for him to ensure he is safe and happy. And I will be some serious sad when we find a forever home for him. But he is definitely exhausting. :P


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February 28th, 2012

04:58 pm - Mister
A few months ago my friend CA (co-owner of the house in which I am staying) rescued a stray dog. He had been a street dog long enough that you could clearly see his skeleton. His capture was a harrowing tale, but CA is totally the person to rescue animals if she can. She's currently got a few cats (who I believe are all rescues) and she really isn't a dog person. But she is awesome. Anyway, she couldn't find a no-kill shelter that would take him and most of her friends said, "No, I don't need a dog and I don't know anyone who might want one." I volunteered to take care of him here at the house. I cannot take on the expenses of a pet dog, but I can definitely look after him and feed him and totally spread the word to help find this guy a good permanent home.

He is on the way to being house-broken. Being here at the house he's only had two incidents of going inside, but since I'm home all day I usually take him out every three to four hours. Usually he'll let me know when it's time to go out by walking towards the door. He is crate trained, although he may give you some resistance about entering his crate the first couple times. He is totally docile and friendly. He is still somewhat underweight but has already gained a couple pounds. He stands about a foot-and-a-half off the ground, the vet says he should weigh ~14lbs (he's at 11lbs now). I've been working on some basic commands. "Sit" "down" "come" sort of stuff. He responds quite well to the training process. He is part beagle so he's phenomenally smart. Sudden movements and loud noises scare him, so I recommend no homes with hyper-active or young children.

He is seriously the most adorable awesome dog ever and deserves a good loving home. Since his rescue he has not gotten any people food. (Well, I give him a scant amount of baby food meat to get him into his crate, but that's it for people food.) So while he will initially bug you for whatever awesome thing you might be getting ready to eat, after a few minutes he'll give up entirely.

While he is high-maintenance as far as dogs go, he is also worthy of that extra effort.

I can't seem to upload pictures to livejournal as easily as I once was. So here is a link to his facebook gallery:

I've made the gallery public, please feel free to boost the signal. Seriously, this guy is *awesome*

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February 20th, 2012

08:41 pm - Thank you, again. No really. Thank you.
I saw my regular doc today. We were going over my med list and she still had the cheaper thing I was on from when I couldn't afford the pain patches. So I said, "yeah, I couldn't afford the patches but my friends took up a collection so now I'm back on it." And yet again, a doctor is totally jealous of how amazingly amazing my friends are. "Wow. That's some really good friends."

*round of applause*

My friends are super amazing awesome giant rocking rocky things made from rock.

I also washed Mattie since it was so nice and sunny and she was soooooo covered in salt. As soon as I got her safely tucked in the garage it got all cloudy out. :P I don't need to be anywhere until Thursday so she will be clean until then.

And I've been able to pry myself away from Temple Run for a few hours and get some angry birds flown at some naughty piggies. And I managed to get Catan to work, although I can't tell you how I did it. I just kept pressing buttons and shouting, "Work!!!" and then it worked. Yay!!

I am curious tho, is there a way I can make a song in my itunes be a ring-tone or an alarm? (The alarm options are called "ring tones") I haven't found an obvious way to do that and my google-fu is not strong.

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February 19th, 2012

12:16 pm - grr grr grumble grr. (aka: rabble!! rabblerabblerabble!)
So I decided to buy Catan. Every time I try to start it, it crashes. I wrote to the developers who suggested I turn off my ipod and turn it on again. (Okay, that's more of a paraphrase) In my original email I had already detailed the things I had tried so my response to this was a reminder of everything I had previously said and that I tried again and still no joy. So they wrote back, "please read these instructions more carefully" ... Yeah, they totally went there. So my reply was simple: "There are no other apps running, I have uninstalled, turned off my ipod, turned on my ipod, reinstalled, turned off my ipod, turned on my ipod, shut down the app store app, turned off my ipod, turned on my ipod, tapped the Catan icon, got the intro music, game crashed. This is what I have been doing repeatedly for the past five days. Is there something else that isn't just a repeat of these steps?"

GRR!!!! In the meantime I tried to report a problem at the app store but their response was an unsurprising "contact the developer."

In the good news, I might be fostering a pup for a while here at the house. He is a stray and severely underweight (like, he can't be neutered until he gains more weight, underweight). If you or anyone you know is interested in taking on such a dog, please let me know. If he does come out here with me, I'll probably be posting pictures every day. He is a small dog, definitely part chihuahua, possibly all, since he's a stray it's hard to tell. I expect if he does stay here, the first couple days will be a little uneasy. At least until he figures out I have food and pets. An additional upside is that he'll need walks which will get me out of the house more often. All no-kill shelters in his current location won't take him and recommend calling animal control. His current foster mom is not convinced animal control won't kill him.

The higher dosage on the zoloft appears to be working, which is nice. I got my tax refund which is also nice. I have more forms to fill out for my disability attorney. And I've been working on a colorwork set of slippers that have me stymied. I had one slipper almost done and realized it was clown-shoe-too-big. So I started over and apparently didn't cast on enough stitches, which I didn't realize until I finally got to the colorwork section. So the yarn and needles are sitting in the corner and pondering where they went wrong in life. When they are ready to behave they can get back to work but not before.

Annnnnd.... that's all I know. Today my plan is to watch trashy reality shows and play games on my ipod. Angry Birds Rio is calling for me.

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February 11th, 2012

02:40 pm - iphone/ipod/ipad app question
Does anyone have "Catan" amongst their game apps? It's $5 and I don't know if I want to buy it or not. I have something like $18 credit in the app store, so price isn't so much an issue, I just don't want to spend $5 of that on a game I won't like.

Basically, how is it compared to the board game? If I love the board game and the free-to-play online versions that have existed over the years, will I love this app?

I just downloaded the free version of "Ticket to Ride" and am *loving* it.

Also, what other gaming apps am I missing? Or apps in general?

Seriously, this is the bestest ever present ever. It is a *wonderful* distraction from my troubles.

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February 10th, 2012

06:12 pm - blargle blargle blargle blargle blargle

Left Bolingbrook at 12:30 in the midst of snowstorm. Got to pain doc's early and they let me sit on one of the super-comfy recliners in the back while I waited for my appointment. (*LOVE* the nurses at this office. They're all phenomenal.)

Pain doc recommended two more neurosurgeons that might take third-party litigation. He wants to try weaning me off the Butrans, although acknowledged the amazingly amazing awesomeness of my friends who took up a collection so I could take the super-expensive-but-also-super-effective pain stuff. He also wants to hold off on any more procedures until he starts getting paid for previous procedures. *grumble* So, less pain management and more pain. Awesome.
He also balked at my current dosage of zoloft. What. Ever. I say. It's really not a great place to be when you go to bed hoping you won't wake up. Anything that can make those thoughts go away is worth trying. And theoretically it should also help with pain management. Perhaps in a better-mood-is-less-painful kind of way.

Got stuck in snow traffic on the way back. Slipped through every intersection that had a stop. Filled prescriptions at Target and picked up some minor essentials. Also emptied the magical starbucks card by getting large hot chocolatey coffee drink with whipped cream. I call this card magical because it started off with $10 and has mystically refilled itself (okay, perhaps not *that* mystical) to a grand total of $30 in froo-froo coffee drinks. (Thanks much to Star, who probably didn't know this card had magical powers when she gave it to me.) Also, froo-froo coffee drink after doctor visits is *awesome*.

And now I am going to take appropriate dosages of pills and sack out in front of trashy-romance-novel tv.

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